culture, traditions and social justice 
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Young Samburu woman beading a necklace strand in Umoja Uaso Village, Kenya, 2000s. Photograph by Aaron Kisner.

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do you ever feel like there’s just so many pretty girls but most dudes are just subpar like there are radiant goddesses everywhere and just piles and piles of guys in backwards baseball caps and sandals

Feminists say really patronising bullshit a lot “blah blah blah most men are subpar all women are radiant goddesses” 

this is what happens when you never grow out of the “boys are icky and eat their own boogers and pull the heads off barbies” and retain that mindset into adulthood 

ironically if it was the other way round there would be an uproar on how guys expect girls to carter to their need and unrealistic expectations

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McGill photo project shows feminism isn’t straight, white and female

A new photo campaign initiated by the McGill Law Feminists at McGill University puts a face to the reality of the movement’s diversity in the 21st century, moving away from the old stereotype of the straight, white, cisgendered feminist. It is this diversity that embodies the spirit of a progressive feminism — one which is defined by the celebration of difference — and demonstrates the movement’s latest incarnation.

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Oh awesome!!


why is it men aren’t allowed to be feminists but white girls are allowed to screech about how they are such amazing allies for PoC.

But yeah if gofatyourself thinks she’s oppressed for being a fat white girl, I’d LOVE to see her ass try being a gay man for a week.  Might give her privileged ass some perspective. 

men can advocate for women’s rights, so what?

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all white people deserve to die


A perfect example of how i’v been enlightened and educated on social issues such as RACISM on tumblr
thank you

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just making a list of words that have lost all meanings to me

thank you tumblr

Don’t forget 


don’t forget
”cultural appropriation”

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ok so for the past few days besides my sort of successful attempts at revising i’ve been thinking of splitting this blog and making another one JUST for the social justice (2.5 heee) b/c it feels like this blog is a mess

what do you guys think 

*cricket noises*

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I knew Tumblr was condescending, hypocritical, and immature, so I’m not surprised that these people are laughing at terms like "bronies", "bromance", and "brozen" because men have fragile egos and masculinity issues. But they seem to forgot about the terms: 

"Geek girl", "girl gamer", "gamer grrrl" and "girlfriends" (a term for platonic female friends). 

If having male labels make men fragile then female labels make women special snowflakes. It’s funny when you say men have fragile egos when you girls complain about the littlest things and get hostile and threatening to anyone who disagrees with you and call it “feminism.” 

No, I’m a woman, not a brony or a fedora tipping neckbeard virgin dudebro. I don’t care if they say I just have "internal misogyny". I’m tired of adults acting like babies. 

finally someone said it

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Out of all the things that bother me on this website (and believe me, there’s a LOT) this would have to be the highest on my list.

If you self-diagnose yourself with any kind of mental disorder and put it in your tumblr bio, please punch yourself in the face with a landmine at any time you wish for as often as you’d like.

Why? Because you are literally spitting in the face of people who are seriously affected by anxiety, autism, ADHD, suicidal thoughts, depression, etc. You are making a complete mockery out of the legitimate seriousness of these illnesses, and you are undermining the struggle that these people undergo every day. Mental illnesses are not personality quirks. They are valid afflictions to people’s health.

My younger sister has manic depression/bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. As somebody who’s actually seen what it’s like to live under the same roof as somebody with a mental disorder, this really pisses me off to no end. And you know what, fucktards? You are not mentally ill just because you want to be because it’s “cool”, because you took a Web MD test that told you that you might be exhibiting signs of a mental disorder, or because you’re a moody and angsty teenager. Being bipolar is so much more than being moody or passive-aggressive. Every day, my sister wakes up with the fear that she might become unintentionally and uncontrollably angry or depressed. She’s scared that she will hurt somebody close to her. She lives in constant fear of herself. It’s heartbreaking to see. She can never keep a friend and I always have to drag her out with me when I go out. She never likes to talk about her problem. People know something’s wrong with her, but they never want to bring it up. She had to be pulled out of a high school health class when they were discussing mental health and learning about disorders. She would start sobbing. She knows something is wrong with her. She will never believe me when I tell her that she is a normal person; that she just expresses her emotions differently and more radically than other people do. She cries herself to sleep a lot because she is convinced she’s a freak of nature. Whenever she’s in a manic state she’s on cloud nine, but she’ll soon plummet back down to earth. She knows that it’s futile to be happy because she’ll just break down again. She says she’s always on a seesaw but on the downwards end most of the time. I can only imagine what she’s going through and I’d envision it’s a real and complete hell.

How dare you try to pass my sister’s legitimate illness as a personality quirk. This sentiment isn’t even limited with people who trivialize bipolar disorder. It’s to any disorder ever. You sicken me. My sister’s affliction is miles worse than your colloquialism.

The people who do this - putting a myriad of mental disorders in your tumblr bio, making pro-self harm blogs, using these terms lightly - you are the people who desensitize the public to people like my sister, people who are actually suffering. That’s why people don’t think being bipolar, depressed, or having ADD is a real problem. You have made it seem like it’s nothing more than a personality quirk, which is a real slap in the face to people who are struggling with these illnesses.

Maybe this post has perhaps made you rethink your stance on your “mental disorder” if you’re one of the kind of people in the aforementioned paragraphs that I criticized. It’s a low chance, but it could happen. However, if you’re still deeply convinced that you have a mental disorder, don’t jump to conclusions. Get yourself examined by a professional, not the internet.

tl;dr Mental disorders aren’t cool, they can ruin your life, stop pretending you have them and if you think you do, get yourself examined.

This is so so so important.

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Working in animation, video games and comics, i encounter this questions more than I’d like to. I was surprised how so many people don’t have a clue, and its a very sincere and valid question, because education doesn’t make people understand each other naturally. 
Thank you for reading, I hope its useful. 

*Clap clap, motherfuckers* 


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